Here are some links to people, posts, and sites that I recommend, find interesting, or follow for more information.



Google Scholar – Search engine for scientific studies. – Search engine for scientific studies.



Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe – Story of the CDC whistleblower.

My Incredible Opinion by Forrest Maready – Breaking down the truth about vaccines.

Autism Media Channel – Vaccine injury stories.

Learn The Risk – Materials to share on vaccines.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination – More vaccine injury stories. Help fight vaccine mandates. – Vaccine Ingredients & Manufacturer Information


Natural Health & Nutrition

Chris Beat Cancer – Testimonies of natural healing.

Dr. Morse’s YouTube Channel – Interesting take on nutrition and detoxing the body.

Dr. Axe – Natural health site.

Mountain Rose Herbs – Essential oils and herbs.

Plant Therapy – Kid Safe line of essential oil blends + more.

AquaLiv Water – Water filtration systems.