Try These Natural Seasonal Allergy Remedies.

It’s begun… the best and worst time of the year. The temperatures are perfect, the leaves will soon be flourishing with vibrant new color, and I’m sneezing my HEAD OFF. πŸ˜’πŸ˜€

I never had seasonal allergies until a few years after I moved from California to Idaho, but since then, it’s been… Ugh. So bad. Over the past few years I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into natural remedies, and refused to take over the counter meds since I was breastfeeding.

The first year, I was able to drink 16 oz of kombucha each day, and somehow that did the trick. I had been trying essential oils and raw local honey, but they just weren’t very effective in my case. I read that our gut and sinuses are connected – truly it’s one long tube from end to end – and that the bacteria in your gut can apparently affect a large number of health-related issues. For my allergies, the kombucha may have helped through the benefit of the natural probiotics or the B vitamins, but either way, I was thankful – it worked!

The next year, kombucha alone just wasn’t working. So I discovered nettle leaf tea – a natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory, and added it to the mix. But then, I was drinking quite a bit of tea to keep up with my symptoms. I ended up finding a supplement
by Oregon’s Wild Harvest called Nettle QuercetinQuercetin is a natural flavonoid antioxidant in fruits and vegetables and has many beneficial properties, including detoxification. I decided to try it and I’m glad I did. It worked really well and I didn’t have to drink a bunch of nettle leaf tea and kombucha every day.

This year, I’m throwing everything I can at it. When it’s the beginning of the season, sometimes it can take a day for this stuff to kick in. So unfortunately, today, my entire face has been itchy, red, and blotchy. I could hardly function this morning except to go through an entire box of tissues. 😳

So, since my seasonal allergies have decided to come out in full force with no warning on the first below-85-degree day of the end of summer, I thought I’d share some scientific studies on natural supplements that may be effective for treating seasonal allergies/allergic rhinitis. Click on each remedy to read the science:

ProbioticsBifidobacterium lactis & Lactobacillus paracasei.


Vitamin D

Vitamin E 

Nettle leaf

Nettle, Quercetin, Bromelain & Vitamin C*

*Bromelain is naturally occuring in pineapple, and I would recommend lypo-spheric C as a vitamin C supplement – it’s very effective!!

I hope these remedies work for you (if you’re suffering like I am), and if you have any natural remedies to share in addition to these, please let me know what else has worked for you in the comments below!

Note: Products in links are the ones I’ve actually used myself and continue to use, but I’m sure other brands would work well also.


*Update 09/04/16*

I’ve been symptom-free since I added lypo-spheric vitamin C to my daily regimen! Maybe this just shows that I need more of it in my system? Just a curious thought. Anyway, I have been taking one packet in the morning and one in the evening, in addition to the Nettle Quercetin and probiotic supplements. If you’re curious, the probiotics I’m currently taking are these by Garden of Life. This product contains both of the strains listed above in scientific studies. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’ve found a combination of things that actually works!! After that first day of being a blubbering, sneezing, eye-itching mess, I was afraid I’d be like that until November.

Side note: If you’re planning on trying to take lypo-spheric C to combat your allergies, make sure you educate yourself on any precautions. Vitamin C is one of the few that can be taken in megadoses – usually without any major side effects. But once you’re ready to stop, make sure you wean yourself instead of just stopping abruptly.

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